golfball printing in south africa

The PadPrinting process is a complexed printing process that consist of 6 phases:

Phase 1 - Artwork creation and playing out of film

We need to convert all logos into a solid one to four colour image and print it on a special film)

Phase 2 - Exposing and Burning of plates 

The film above is exposed onto a plate, the plate the is washed, re-exposed and baked in an oven for the images to embed onto the plates)

Phase 3 - Ink Mixing 

Inks are mixed to specification and we add hardener to make our end product last longer (although NO print is guaranteed against the nature of the game)

Special Pantone Inks can be preordered at an additional cost

Phase 4 - Machine Set Up

The plates are setup onto the machine and the inks are poured into the inkwell slots. Mock up balls are used to register the image or logo. Once registration is captured one Proof-Ball is printed and digitally sent for signing-off. This approval needs to be made quickly because the ink dries fast!

Phase 5 - Actual Printing Process

Our current printing rate is 400 balls per hour on a two colour. A safe dimension to print is 20mm x 20mm and because of the roundness of the ball and the fact that the pad of the printer is made from silicon, slight rounding distortion may occur

Phase 6 - Drying Period

The chemical reaction between ink and hardener takes 7 to 10 days to react. can offer an additional service for rush jobs - please mention it on your inquiry